Apply export filters to terms

This isn't perfect, but resolves some issues with exports.
TEC 2023-03-20 23:39:37 +08:00
parent 407f143663
commit 1b9b7fd3d1
Signed by: tec
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1 changed files with 26 additions and 7 deletions

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@ -657,12 +657,7 @@ side-effect when it is provided."
(org-element-lineage item '(headline))))
(item-contents (and (org-element-property :tag item)
(org-element-contents item)))
(value (mapcar
(if (and (= (length item-contents) 1)
(eq (caar item-contents) 'paragraph))
(org-element-contents (car item-contents))
(value (mapcar #'org-element-extract-element item-contents)))
(list :key key
:key-plural (and (not (string-empty-p key-plural))
(not (string= key key-plural))
@ -1171,7 +1166,7 @@ optional arguments:
(string-match-p "%v" template))
(push (cons ?v
(let ((value-str
(org-export-data (plist-get canonical-term :value) info)))
(org-glossary--export-term canonical-term info)))
(funcall (if capitalized-p #'org-glossary--sentance-case
(if plural-p
@ -1200,6 +1195,30 @@ optional arguments:
(format-spec template (nreverse parameters))))
(defun org-glossary--export-term (term-entry info)
"When TERM-ENTRY's :value is non-nil, return the exported value using INFO.
If the :value has not been exported before, `org-export-filter-apply-functions'
is applied to the :value first, and the result is cached.
Should :value consist of a single paragraph, its contents are
exported in place of the paragraph itself."
(when-let ((value (plist-get term-entry :value)))
(or (gethash value (plist-get info :exported-data))
(puthash value
(let ((filtered-value
(plist-get info :filter-parse-tree)
value info)))
(if (and (= (length filtered-value) 1)
(eq (org-element-type (car filtered-value))
(mapcar #'org-element-extract-element
(org-element-contents (car filtered-value)))
(plist-get info :exported-data)))))
(defun org-glossary--sentance-case (s)
"Return a sentance-cased version of S."
(concat (string (upcase (aref s 0))) (substring s 1)))